For over 50 years, the Phos-Chek® brand has been recognized as the world’s premier firefighting chemicals. Fire management agencies worldwide rely on Phos-Chek® long-term retardant to manage wildland and structural fires. Phos-Chek® Class A foam concentrates are known for their superior foam characteristics, long drain times, and low use rates. We also supply Phos-Chek® Class B foams made with C6, and a full line of AFFF, AR-AFFF, Fluorine free foams, training foams, specialty foams and fire extinguisher additives. Perimeter Solutions also produces and supplies water-enhancing gels, fuel gelling agents, and Class A foam sticks.

Certified Products

– Phos-Chek® retardants and Class A products are qualified by the USFS and listed for use with both the USFS and Canadian Interagency Forest Fire Centre (CIFFC).

– Phos-Chek® Class B Foams are UL, Factory Mutual (FM), US Military Standard (Milspec) and Large Atmospheric Storage Tank Fires (Lastfire)-certified.

For mobile operations, Perimeter Solutions can provide full turnkey solutions to support forward-operating bases for all types of airtankers and helicopters.

The Phos-Chek® brand is highly recognized across the world for its quality and service reliability. Find out more about our Phos-Chek® products, services and equipment, and training programs at